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Lagos, Nigeria and Africa’s largest city, sprawls inland from the Gulf of Guinea across Lagos Lagoon. Victoria Island, the financial hub of the metropolis, known for its beach resorts, boutiques and nightlife, popularly referred to as the city of hustlers.

There is a poplar saying that if you cannot make it in Lagos, then you cannot make it anywhere in Nigeria. Millions have made a fortune through hard work and consistency even though they came into the city with a pair of slippers and few clothes inside their nylon bags then the next step is to look for where to buy good cheap clothes in Lagos.

Talking about students who want to look flashy and smart, with little money, those with white collar jobs wanting to look smart especially when they are in the business of constant interactions with clients and customers, here you will all see the 7 most popular markets where you can buy good cheap clothes in Lagos with ease.




Popularly known as “bend down market”, Katangua market is where you can get authentic second hand(used) wears and household items for jaw dropping prices. The place is a hub of activities and your head will be in a swirl when you see collections of good-looking things to buy. Katangua have their market days which you need to be aware of in order to get the best products, be it clothes, kitchen utensils and general house hold materials. These new consignments come every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, if you can target those days of the week, then you are good to go. The heaps of clothes have different grades and the prices reflect them.

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Location: It is located around Super bus stop in Abule Egba, you can’t miss it, just ask any shop owner around and you will be directed.



Yaba market offers items that are less priced than the one you’ll find in Tejousho market. You can get very authentic Okrika (first grade used) clothes for as low as 1000 at yaba, you will be amazed at the authenticity of the clothes. Unilag students can greatly attest to this.

Location: As long as you can find your way to Yaba bus stop then you are there, you would be approached by sellers trying to persuade you to buy from them.



This Market has undergone a great transformation into a modern market after it was reported gutted but fire. The Lagos state government wasted no time in bringing it to one of the best markets in lagos, contrary to general belief regarding the cost of getting or securing a shop there, it is regardless one of the cheapest places you can buy clothes in Lagos. It depends on the shop being visited.

Location: It is off Yaba bus stop, shares same boundary with Yaba market.



Oshodi undergone a fabulous transformation under the administration of ex-governor Babatunde Fashola. Once a very disorganized market, is now easy to navigate in and out. The display of Ankara and materials for making clothes is awesome. For your ‘aso ebi’ materials, which is usually in bales of clothes of the same design, and material, Oshodi market will cater for that. You can easily get a bus from any part of the city that will convey you to Oshodi.

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Are you a corporate man or job seeker intending to look like a classy job seeker with style? Then Bali is the place to be… you can get very authentic first class used designers there at very affordable prices.

Location: It is located off broad street, the road directly in front of former AfriBank, Lagos Island.



This is the chub of textile and fabric in Lagos. You surely can’t get enough of what the market offers. You need to be very smart to shop here, as there are lots of people doing the same. Your favorite lace and wrapper will be on display there. There are also ready-made dresses on display. All you just need to do is to confirm if it is the right size! Its located in the heart of Lagos fondly referred to as Eko.

Location: Balogun, Lagos Island.



Aswani is another market where one can buy good cheap clothes in Lagos state. I is located in Isolo. Aswani market is quite popular and brings a euphoric feeling when the name is mentioned. It is known for its long years of attending to consumers’ needs in terms of clothing, fabric and accessories. Tuesdays are special days and you have you tighten your belt when you go there. There are bends down select as well as high-grade clothes. You can get your favourite at fair prices.

If you know of any other popular markets where one can buy good cheap clothes in Lagos state, Please add them in the comment section.

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