How to setup DStv Now

DStv Now is the online version of DStv. With DStv Now, You can watch your favourite shows on the go from anywhere you are in the world on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

To setup DStv Now on you mobile phone or tablet,

1. Download the DStv Now app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, or visit on your computer.

2. Sign up by entering your Email address, Country code, Mobile Number and Password.

3. Enter either your Account ID Number, Smart Card Number (The DSTV smartcard number is the 10 or 11-digit number found at the back of your decoder smartcard. You can also find the smartcard number by pressing the ‘ok’ button on the remote and then select ‘information central’ option using the ok button again.) or Customer Number and click the Find mt DStv account. Skip if you don’t have any of the above information to see the freely available channels.

You’ll receive a text message with an OTP for confirmation. Input this and you’re all set to stream content on the DSTV Now app as much as you want.

You can always login from anywhere on the app or from the web browser on your computer by visiting the Dstv Now website.

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