iphone or samsung

There has been a long standing battle between the Apple iPhone and The Samsung Galaxy phones. And every time, It’s not simple to choose, as they both offer a lot of great features.

Before you decide on which is the best between the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy , you have to weight the pros and cons of each and decide what suits best for your requirements.

1. iPhone

  • Pros:
    • Betters hardware and build quality : Your iPhone will function the same way it did when you bought it maybe a couple of years. It won’t have any issues until Apple decides to update it to an iOS version which will make it so slow that you would want to replace it!
    • Security : Being a closed environment and proprietor OS iOS/iPhone is considered to be more secure than Android when your data is concerned.
    • Apple Eco-system : For those who use apple products like iPhone, MacBook, iPad, etc. Apple offers great syncing capabilities. If you are working on one device and want to switch to another apple device, its all synced up. Great!
    • Status Symbol : Owning an iPhone is a status symbol (at least it was an year ago or so). People take great pride in showing off the iPhone and the Apple logo – even the cases have a cut out to show the logo.
  • Cons:
    • Price : The iPhones are way costlier than what features it offers. This holds true for buying unlocked iPhones in countries like India. They newly launched iPhone with base version starts at about INR 60,000/- and above.
    • Restrictions in hardware : What is a pro is also a con in this case. Apple offer fixed storage space for iPhones (SD card expansion not allowed)
      Apple charges too much amount for an iPhone with larger storage capacity.
    • Lack of customization : The iOS does not have any scope customization. The layout is almost the same since inception.
      You cannot add themes or change the look of your home screen or icons in an iPhone.
    • Lack of freedom to connectivity : You cannot tranfer files over Bluetooth from an iPhone to another smartphone. It has to be iPhone to iPhone transfer.
      You cannot see the ‘Filesystem’ in an iPhone. Each app will have its own space shared inside and you cannot manage your space as you do in Android.
    • iTunes : This is the mandatory software you must have in your PC or MacBook to sync content from your computer to iPhone.
      You cannot just plug your iPhone into a PC and use it as a mass storage device as you can do with Android.
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2. Samsung

Samsung phones come with advantage and freedom of Android OS.
All cons of iPhone are Pros for Samsung devices.

For those who complain about TouchWhiz – that was true till past couple of years. The Samsung UI from Android 6 is far more refined, fast and has almost no bloatware to slow it down.

Samsung Makes amazing Displays – the Super AMOLED displays are the best for viewing photos and videos on your phone.

Samsung phones are affordable. Anyone can get a Samsung phone starting at INR 8,000/- only and it goes up to INR 70,000/- for the Flagship S8 (for 2017)
So a large number of people have access to and can buy Samsung phones as opposed to iPhone which can be purchased only at higher costs. The cheapest iPhone today is iPhone 5S (16GB) which is a 4 year old device.

So, one should consider the above facts and go for the brand which suits best for their needs and financial capabilities.

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