sport betting business

Betting sites make a lot of  money (I mean serious money) and you may be tempted to start your own sport betting business in Nigeria.

Although the business is not for those that do not have money to start up as registering and licensing might cost a lot of money.

In this post, I will explain the necessary steps needed to start a sport betting business in Nigeria.

7 Tips to Starting a Sport Betting Business In Nigeria

Sport Betting Business

If you’re sure that sports betting business is the business for you, use these 7 tips:

  • First, register your sport betting company with the Corporate Affairs Commission. This should take around a week or two.
  • Apply and acquire the required license: You need to visit National Lottery Regulatory Commissions of Nigeria to apply and obtain the require license, for you to be a sports betting company in Nigeria.
  • Open or Rent a Bet Shop/Office: Open an office where people can get in touch with you and place their bets, claim their earnings or make complaints.
  • Create and launch your betting website: You should have a website for your business where anyone can get more information about how you operate.
  • Create payment and betting platforms
  • Open more betting outlets in more than one location: More outlets means more people, and in turn, more profit for your betting business.
  • Promote your sports betting company: Marketing is so important in any business (either online or offline). To make your business a success, you must get the word out via various digital marketing platforms.

There are other businesses you can start with less funds that will give you a good turn-out. Check how to start an egg supply business here.

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