BRT buses

Most times, the rate at which some passengers behave while boarding BRT buses are so alarming that some go to the extent of sleeping, thereby forgetting when they have gotten to their initial destinations.
Ever since the operation of the fully new air-conditioned buses within Lagos metropolitan city began, virtually 99% percent of Lagosians have resorted in patronizing them; maybe due to comfort and subsidized transport fare.
So, because of several complaints by passengers, I have personally made out time to advise people on what do avoid while patronizing this new BRT buses.

1: Don’t Jump The Queue: Please, no matter how placed in the society you may be, kindly respect yourself and abide by the queue order. Most times when you see a long queue, just wait patiently until it get to your turn. Any attempt by violating this order may lead to your harassment either by the long awaited passengers or security guards. Just humble yourself and vamoose from the area because you won’t believe how much insult you will receive.

2: Don’t Buy Ticket Ahead Of Next Day: Funny as it may sound, some people most times buy ticket ahead of next day without knowing that it expires 24hrs of purchase. This is to avoid dubious means by few hands in printing tickets that has similar resemblance with the new one. As soon as you purchase your ticket, bear in mind that you can’t use it the next day.

3: Trans Loading: Many a times passengers complain that why should Busman take them into another bus without proper information. Please, bear in mind that busmen don’t apply all rout within their jurisdictions. If you are told to alight so that you will transfer to the next bus going to Ikorodu for instance, just be patient and allow the Busman to do so. In the absent of busman action, kindly bring on the attention of security personnel within the premises for easy trans load.

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4: Don’t Forget To Press Alight Button: I know that sometimes air condition bus or car makes someone sleep, but please no matter how weak you may be, just inform anyone next to you to alert you when that get to certain bus stop. This is to avoid the story that touches the heart. Kindly press the warning bell before the bus stop and press the second time 6 seconds before your final destination.

5: Don’t Forget Your Belongings: Why on earth should some people even forget foodstuff they went to market to buy with their hard earn money. One handsome guy was telling me the other day that he forgot his CPU and the said he forgot his Laptop. Some women even forget handbag with many things on it. Please, try and keep your belongings like a baby with you to avoid the story that touches the heart. Most of the strong reported lost times have not been found maybe because some criminals near to the victim who may have taken advantage of that situation.

6: Don’t Forget To Tap Out When Alighting: Some people are so careless that immediately they alight they forget to tap out. Please, the card you are using can help you mar you if you are careful. As soon as get you your final destination, just kindly tap out because failure to do so will amount to your balance being withdrawn. I don’t know why it is so but as soon as you get your card, don’t fail to tap out because you might see your account empty next time.

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