Buying a car is a big decision to make. It is therefore no surprise that people are usually wary when taking that step.A lot people have been scammed and have lost the monies they worked so hard to get.
So where do you buy cars online in Nigeria?

Where are the top genuine car deallerships in lagos and in Nigeria as a whole
We will recommend a few places you should like.

Not only will you find these places online, they can also be found offline too.Remember not to pay any money without physically seeing the car you want to buy.Also remember to take a good and trustworthy mechanic to take a thorough look at the car if you are getting a tokunboh car.If you want a brand new car, make sure it an authorized dealer with valid warranty.
Carmudi is an ecommerce platform focused on cars.Carmudi is an international franchise under Jumia. To access it, you  can also visit to the site will have you greeted with a variety of cars to choose from.There you not only see new and used cars you also find trucks and motorcycle.If you are keen on quick purchase you visit their office at yaba.
Check is another ecommerce site focused on cars.Cheki provides a platform for sellers to put up their cars and buyers to search through and purchase their dream car.
Globe motors may not be as popular as the others but they are also a place to look into when searching for a car.
Olx and jiji are well known marketplaces where people buy and sell.
You can easily visit these sites and navigate to the car section to see the cars that are up for sale.

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The name may be a handful but this lady posts up used cars that are for sale up on her blog once a day.She calls the segment cars for sale on Stelladimokorkus blog.

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