cornrow braids hairstyles

Cornrow braids hairstyles have been around for years now and they are one of the most popular and protective hairstyles by African women. From braided to twisted, thick to thin, and in a variety of colors, there is no end to how creative or options when it comes to styling your cornrows.

Having that much options comes with a problem of selection. In this post we have compiled 5ideas for styling your cornrows.

If you are rather interested in bob box braids, see our list 15 choices

Here are 5 neat and beautiful cornrow braids hairstyles

1. Combined Cornrows Dutch Braids

Cornrows Dutch Braids

Make a long lasting fashion statement by braiding your hair from the center towards your ears in a jagged cornrow pattern. Dutch braid some hair extensions on either side of your head along with the tails of all your cornrows. You now have a hair look that gives an edgy twist to the innocent schoolgirl pigtails style.

2. Cornrows Mohawk

Cornrows Mohawk

No one will dare to mess with you when they see you carrying this kickass cornrows Mohawk look. The cornrows have been done up in a trippy curved pattern and gathered in the center of the head, where extensions have been attached and molded to create a Mohawk. Unleash your badass side to the world with this edgy and cool look.

3. Mixed Cornrows Mohawk

Mixed Cornrows Mohawk

This is a look that will get all the boys knocking at your door. Start with some cornrows in various sizes that start from your ears and curve up towards the center of your head. Add in some extensions to the tails of your cornrows and create a slay-worthy braided Mohawk.

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4. Cornrows Ponytail And Bun Combo

Cornrows Ponytail And Bun Combo

Here’s a style that has a lot going on in it. First up, the neat horizontal cornrows create a symmetrical pattern that has a mesmerizing effect. The style then incorporates crochet braiding Marley twists to create a dual ponytail and high bun look that is the very definition of ‘cool’.

5. Celtic Knot Cornrows Headband

Celtic Knot Cornrows Headband

These cornrows have been done up in a Celtic knot style that is sure to grab the attention of everyone in any party your find yourself. Four cornrows wind together in an intricate Celtic knot design and continue into braids that form a gorgeous headband. The rest of the hair is left loose to add a soft and feminine touch.

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