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We are about to discover the richest black women in South Africa currently. The African Women are now coming to the forefront in the financial industry,  making and the notion that it’s a man’s world is gradually being a thing of the past.
See the list of the the richest black women in South Africa below.

1. Bridgette Radebe, Net Worth: R1 billion

Bridgette Radebe is South Africa’s is the richest black woman in South Africa, her wealth has soared over the years and by this alone, she is the richest black woman in South Africa.
Radebe is believed to have emerged as a successful business woman as a result of her father’s mining business.
She is related to Patrice Motsepe, the first black billionaire in South Africa. Patrice Motsepe is in fact, the younger brother of Bridgette Radebe.
Forbes recognizes Bridgette Radebe as the richest black South African woman and over and above this, she once appeared on Forbes Magazine’s nomination list of 20 Most Powerful Women in Africa.
Bridgette Radebe, who has served in several commerce industries, mainly concentrates on her mining business but to double up her authority, she holds top offices in a number of companies.
Radebe makes the better part of her income through the running of Mmaku Mining Limited –the mining company she established. With this, she has made her mark within South Africa’s clique of mining magnates –an exclusive lineup which comprises Patrice Motsepe. Regarded as one of the wealthiest black women, Bridgette Radebe’s substantial net worth is estimated in excess of R1 billion

2. Judy Dlamini

Dr. Judy Dlamini is another wealthy South African woman. She is considered one of the richest black women in South Africa and is best known as a medical practitioner, a doctor precisely who bears active presence in the boardroom after having switched from her GP rooms.
Judy Dlamini is the Lady Chairman of Mbekani Investment Holdings – a thriving company owned and financed by black women. Her influence is further cemented by her serving in top companies such as Aspen Pharmacare Holdings and Anglo American. In each of these companies, Judy Dlamini serves on the board of directors.
Judy Dlamini’s net worth is currently estimated in excess of R124 million, making her the second richest black woman in South Africa. As an educated woman, Dr. Judy Dlamini is a Masters holder in Business Administration. Also, she has invested substantially in top sectors including logistics, tourism and real estate.

3. Nonhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube

Nonhlanhla serves on the boards of directors of several top companies. Also, she is the chairperson of this broad range of companies such as The Alpha Network for Women, Eziko Investments, and Mjoli Development. Nonhlanhla is an influential woman with active leadership roles in the areas of development, construction, housing finance and gender rights.
Likewise, she bears active presence in several top boards such as Tongaat Hulett Sugar, WBHO Construction, and Capitec Bank. To crown her authoritative roles, Nonhlanhla serves under the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, as an economic advisor.
Besides her wealthy status, Mrs. Nonhlanhla boasts of a dignified stance as an erudite woman with qualifications such as Masters of Science as well as BA degrees in Statistics and Economics. Meanwhile, her wealth rises continually as she is currently estimated to be worth over R94 million.

4. Mamphela Ramphele

Mamphela Ramphele is an influential woman regarded as one of the wealthiest black South Africans. Her birth came about in the South African region of Limpopo. She was trained as a medical doctor but she further engages in several other spheres of activity. Previously, she served in the field of politics but as of now, she is best known as a successful businesswoman.
Besides her business role, Mamphela Ramphele is highly commended for her role as an anti-apartheid activist. During her time on the political floor of South Africa, Mamphela Ramphele was the party leader of Agang SA. Also in previous times, she served as the chairperson of Goldfield’s Limited as well as the Managing Director of World Bank.
At the moment, Mamphela Ramphele serves on the boards of directors of top organizations including Standard Bank, Medi-Clinic, Transnet and Anglo American. Having found her way into this list of South Africa’s richest black women, Mamphela Ramphele’s net worth is valued in excess of R55 million.

5. Christine Ramon

Christine Ramon is not a new character in South Africa’s business sector. She was once declared South Africa’s most powerful businesswoman. Her business authority and experience include executive roles held in several companies such as Johnnic, Anglo Ashanti, MTN and Sasol.
Besides being named South Africa’s most powerful businesswoman, Christine Ramon has added a few other honours to her dignity. Among these honours are a 2009 award titled the Most Influential Woman in the Petrochemicals industry and the BCompt Honours. At the moment, Christine Ramon’s net worth is no less than R49 million.

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