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Oriflame is a swedish company that began operations in 1967 with consultants and branch offices in over 62 countries which includes a branch in Nigeria that started operation in 2014. Oriflame deals in everyday products we use : toothpaste, face & body creams, perfumes, after-shave, face cleanser, lipsticks, shampoo etc – all for male and female. I have been using their products since I joined Oriflame as a consultant.

The benefits of joining Oriflame Nigeria business opportunity are very straight forward. If you join Oriflame as a consultant, Oriflame will offer you the chance to Look greatMake money and Have fun.


Look Great With Oriflame Nigeria

If you join Oriflame, you will have full access to buy high quality beauty cosmetic Oriflame products directly from the company which if used continuously, will make you look great. I’m currently using the Oriflame Milk and Honey Scrub for my face and to be honest, it has really helped in clearing the black spots on my face, thereby making me feel great.

As an Oriflame consultant, you will also have access to Oriflame website where you will be learning about latest fashion trends, beauty tips etc. Oriflame do organize free offline training sessions too where you can learn how to use Oriflame cosmetics to bring out the beauty in you.


Make Money With Oriflame Nigeria

If you become an Oriflame consultant in Nigeria, you can start to make money immediately if you buy oriflame products at discounted consultant price from the company and resell to your loved ones at recommended catalogue price or more.

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For example, as a registered Oriflame consultant, I bought the Sugar scrub above at N4,223while the recommended selling price in the Oriflame catalogue is N5,490. That means is if I sell it, I will earn instant profit of N1,267 – and I will earn more if I sell at higher price. 😉

When you become Oriflame consultant in Nigeria, you will receive full Oriflame Nigeria price list that contains the consultant and catalogue price of all Oriflame products (in Naira) as well as the instant profit you will earn per product if you sell them at the recommended Oriflame catalogue prices. The price list is part of the Oriflame Nigeria Welcome kit.

You can earn more money from Oriflame Nigeria if you can invite people to become Oriflame consultants. Oriflame will keep paying you monthly (performance bonus) for team building as those you invite sell and invite too. There is a compensation plan that helps you calculate how much you can earn monthly from Oriflame team building. I can share the Oriflame success plan pdf with you on request or if you join my Oriflame team.

As you grow in the business, you will get to certain levels when Oriflame will also reward you with cash awards, free gifts etc

Making money with Oriflame is easy! You choose whether the goal is to make it a successful full time career or sell products and build team in your spare time to earn extra income.


Have Fun With Oriflame Nigeria

If you join Oriflame, you will have fun as you make new friends, attend meetings and seminars at hotels and Oriflame offices in Nigeria. This will give you the chance to meet quality people. As you grow in the business, you will also get to a level where Oriflame will reward you and your family free tickets to travel outside Nigeria.

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With Oriflame, you are your own boss. You will have the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally.


How To Register To Become Oriflame Consultant In Nigeria

You can also register to become Oriflame consultant by filling the Oriflame online application form at Oriflame Nigeria website.

Click here to fill the form.

In the field where you are asked to enter Personal ID/ Passport, just enter anything but include a number. That ID number will also serve as your password.

Don’t worry about the membership fee as you will only have to pay it anytime when you are paying for the first set of products you buy from Oriflame.

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