best ways to prepare for an interview

Not preparing properly for an interview is one major setback that affects job seekers. Most of us think that we already have the situation under control, and then we blow up our chances.

I remember getting invited from a multi-national for a Store Lead role position. I already concluded that I knew the possible questions to be asked, and I felt relaxed like I owned the firm. Few hours the next day, I sat facing some panellist at the interview hall. I have attended several interviews, and I never felt tensed for once. I knew the reason, and it was purely “Poor Preparation.”

The questions started coming; left, right, centre. I was thrown off balance with the question I never anticipated. The interview ended so jovial; but guess what, I saw a regret email the next day. Maybe if I had known the director of the company, I would have gotten the job. But I knew nobody and still failed to prepare for an interview, and it landed me a regret mail.

You have struggled so hard to make the cut through the application process and have finally gotten yourself an invite. The question is, “how do you prepare for an interview?”

Let’s look at the best ways to prepare for an interview below;


1. Do your Research

It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have about the position that you are interested in getting if you have no knowledge of what the company does. It is very disastrous to enter the interview hall and not be able to tell the interviewer what the company does, and major things about them. How else can you convince them that you are a good fit who is about to bring value?

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You shouldn’t just know about what they do on the surface, these are the things you should focus on;

Who they are
Where they are heading too (Their vision)
Why they exist (Their mission)
General news about them
What their competitors are doing
How they can beat competition
Have you heard anything about them recently?

A good and less time-consuming way is to look up their website. But the truth is that if you need to prepare for an interview, then you need to go some extra miles.

If you aren’t sure about what you read online, you can do a little phone-in to their representative. But be sure not to introduce yourself as a candidate. Use subtle questions to get your desired information.

2. Know your contact

Most interview invites come with names and numbers attached to it. It is okay to ask whom you will be talking to. This will help you relate with the interviewers using their first name. You can go an extra mile to research about your contact person and their role in the company.

If you have the chance, check out your potential department and check for names there. Know about your potential colleagues. All these don’t really mean you have gotten the job, but who knows how it might just wow your interviewer. To prepare for an interview, you must dig deep and find out things that other candidates don’t know about.

3. Practice your responses

This is one of the best ways to prepare for an interview if you are prone to being nervous is to practice your response to questions that might be asked. You can practice your wording, tone of voice and body movement. You can also practice keeping your responses brief but with much details attached to it. If it is your first time of going for an interview, you can practice with a friend.

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I have prepared some possible Interview questions and answers. You can just Download a free copy by clicking here

4. Dress the Part

It is good to always pre-select your attire for the day. You want to make sure that your clothes don’t have stains or wrinkle on them. If you are going for a job that involves an office setting, then you should dress conservatively. Ladies should use tones that are soft earth.

Girls should avoid miniskirts should be avoided, alongside dresses that expose too much skin. Guys would do well in dark suits with plain trousers.

If you are looking to work in an outside environment, then casual wears would do. Just to be certain to avoid Jeans of all forms, chinos, and ladies should avoid heavy make-ups – it speaks badly.

All the above are just the ways to prepare for an interview. (I have also written on how to Ace an interview for those without experience on the blog)

In summary, you make sure that all the materials needed are prepared in advance, and you should also go alongside a notepad if needed. If you have a business card, you can hand it out to the employer, it portrays you as a professional and helps the employer remember your name.

Are you ready to smash your interview? Make sure you don’t commit these mistakes, and you will be fine.

Remember to request for my special interview questions and answers. It would help your preparation.

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