Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates known for its superfluity, luxury shopping, high-tech and state of the art architecture and a lively nightlife view. Nigerians spend over 400billion Naira only on properties in Dubai, this is excluding shopping and tourist expenses, this is to our lavishly we spend in foreign lands, this shows an appalling lack of awareness amongst the average Nigerian.

Without drifting of shifting the focus of this write up, see Dubai visa application fees/costs and its advisable applicants get a recognised registered professional agent to handle this in order to prevent costly mistakes that could cost you your visa. One of the pros of Dubai visa is that its one of the simplest visas to get so long as your documents are intact and money is readily available.

Cost Of Dubai Visas In Nigeria

  • Two(2) Weeks – USD 180.00 per person
  • Two(2) Weeks Urgent Visa – USD 280.00 per person (received within 48 hours)
  • One (1) Month – USD 300.00 per person


Age Restrictions

A new age restriction was placed on some countries and unfortunately, NIGERIA is on the list.

Two (2) Weeks Visa – 24 Years and above

One (1) Month Visa – 35 Years and above

Presentation Of Documents

  1. Usually, a 2 week visa requires “a clear copy of the photo page of the applicant’s international passport
  2. And for a 1 month visa, the following are required
  3. A clear copy of the photo page of each passenger’s international passport
  4. Proof of address
  5. Proof of income
  6. A guarantor if requested


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Usually, for anyone processing a Dubai visa, it takes an average of 2 to 8 days for processing. For a 2-week visa, it takes between 2 – 4 days for processing, while a month visa takes between 5 to 8 days for processing and please note that this is subject to Dubai Immigration giving their approval.


For a 1-month visa 5 to 8 days for processing subject to Dubai immigration approval

Requirements And Rules

  1. Applicants must send in their scanned copies of the photo pages of their passports for processing at least 1 week before travel date
  2. All applicants below the age of 24 years must be accompanied with an adult
  3. No cancellations can be made if a visa has been submitted for processing.
  4. In case of any overstay of the visa holder, the “AGENT/AFFILIATE/PASSENGER” as the case may be agreed to pay AED8,500 per overstayed person plus the ticket fare as per UAE immigration law.
  5. The new Dubai immigration law states that there will be no extension for any category of visas.

Kindly note that Henceforth maximum stay in Dubai is 30 days.

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