satisfy your woman in bed

If you truly want to be a great lover, then you must be ready to always satisfy your woman in bed. As they say, you are not a real man if you can never satisfy your woman in bed.

Most men ask how do you know if you have actually satisfy her
The answer is – When it’s about that time, she gives a hints by moaning in a crazy manner, the pace becomes faster and faster,  as more blood is pumped into the organs..and screams aloud and does all kind of crazy things.
After reaching their climax, they then return to a place of rest, tired and acting all cuddlish.

Here are few tricks to help you get your woman to cloud 9.

1. Turn Her on Before the Bedroom

For many women, it isn’t just about sex. She wants to be romanced, wined, dined, surprised and loved, even if you’ve been together for a while. Nice gestures may not make her panties went instantly, but it will start setting the foundation for getting to see her naked.

2. Give Her Variety

If you’re trying to satisfy her the same way each time, she’ll get bored easily. That means you just might find yourself in a rut.
Whether you have to try it in a different place, bring out some new moves, take her somewhere exciting and romantic, or buy some adult toys, make sure you’re not letting your love life get routine.

3. Ask Her

She’s not going to think you’re pathetic, just because you ask her what she likes. In fact, she’ll appreciate it.
It shows you care enough about making it pleasurable for her and you care enough about her in general. Don’t make it a random conversation or dinner conversation though. Try when you’re laying in bed together or when you’re going at it (but make it sound sexy, so it’s not a mood killer).

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Although this seems like a lot to remember, it will be worth it for you. Your pleasure is directly connected to how she feels. And just know that, if you’re not giving it to her how she likes it, she’s not going to want to give it to you at all.

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