Jaiz Bank Mobile Banking

JaizMobile is is Jaiz bank mobile banking app. JaizMobile is a secure and highly robust platform that allows our customers to carry out their transactions in a safe and convenient manner with the use of their mobile phones. Logging on to JaizMobile gives customers unhindered access to their accounts with Jaiz Bank.

It is simple to use and provides you a convenient, and secured way to do your banking transactions anytime and anywhere.

JaizMobile App can be downloaded from BlackBerry AppWorld on BlackBerry devices, from Google Play on Android devices, from App Store on iOS devices and from Windows Store on Windows devices.

jaiz bank internet banking

Jaiz bank internet banking features

There are certain things you can carry out using your online banking account with Jaiz Bank. Some of the features that make online banking at Jaiz Bank very flexible are highlighted below:

  • Funds transfer between customer’s own accounts
  • Third party transfer within Jaiz Bank
  • Transfer to other banks accounts
  • View, Print and Download Statement of Account
  • Internet-based

Jaiz bank internet banking benefits

Check below for some of the benefits of Jaiz Bank online banking

  • The customer will have 24/7 access to his or her account from anywhere in the world, anywhere that may be.
  • Customers can experience convenience when they bank after the closing hours of the bank with the internet banking making use of the token provided by the bank.
  • The service provided is fast, very simple and, impressively user-friendly.
  • The customer can also have access to complete security for all his or her online transactions.
  • The client will have access to online real-time account monitoring facility to father make banking with Jaiz Bank very interesting.
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How to easily apply for JaizOnline

  • First of all, visit the bank’s website and download JaizOnline application form
  • Then, you should fill and submit the completed form to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can submit to any branch of Jaiz bank nearest to you.
  • After you have successfully set up the online banking platform, the User ID and default password will be sent in separate emails to the email address you have registered with the bank while carrying out the online registration for online banking.
  • You should pick up your internet banking token provided by the bank at the branch or provide an address for dispatch

How you can apply for Jaiz Corporate Internet Banking

  • Visit the home page of Jaiz Bank and navigate to the online account opening option to set the ball in motion. While on the website, simply download Jaiz Bank Corporate Internet Banking application form. Make sure you choose the correct link while ion this download page,
  • Prepare a board resolution for the request to be duly signed by the appropriate directors when the need arises.
  • Fill and submit the completed form and the board resolution to [email protected] or you can also submit to any of the branches nearest to you,
  • Upon completion of set-up on the platform, the User ID and default password will be sent in separate mails to the customer’s registered e-mail address
  • The next simple thing to do is to pick up your internet banking token at the branch or provide an address for dispatch
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How to Activate JaizMobile

Follow the 4 quick steps below to activate Jaiz mobile

Step 1 – Download the JaizMobile Application via your mobile app store (android, blackberry, windows and Apple stores) for all smart phones.

Step 2 – Launch the downloaded application on your mobile phone to register your account, mobile number and other details on JaizMobile. Select your mobile network provider and submit. You will receive a congratulatory message of successful activation with an activation code and a default PIN.

Step 3 – Send the activation code (e.g. PM 1234567890) in an SMS to 20220 from the phone number registered with the Bank to activate your JaizMobile.

Step 4 – Login to JaizMobile and click on security on the menu list to change the default PIN to your desired 4 digit PIN known to you alone.

For limit increase, kindly visit any of our branches or call our Contact Center on 07080635500 or 07080635555


  • Secure and convenient way to manage your finance
  • Easy access to your account in Jaiz Bank anytime, anywhere
  • Funds transfer to your account in Jaiz Bank and to other bank accounts even after banking hours
  • Recharge your phone and that of family and friends anytime without stress of scratching cards
  • Perform your bills payment from your phone anywhere in Nigeria
  • View your account transactions on the Go.

To see Jaiz bank mobile transfer codes and for all banks, see this post.

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