Love is not just about giving expensive gifts, sending flowers, night promenades, and burning passion. After the first years of affection, any couple inevitably faces the routine. And this is not something terrible, the entire human life runs under this law – we get used to different circumstances, people, and connections. Nonetheless, there are some tricks to make you have a lasting relationship.

Here are things to do on how to make your relationship stronger


Communication is one of the things that will give you a 100% stronger relationship.  We don’t speak of quantity – it is all about quality. When both partners spend time together but everyone is buried in his/her social media and work problems, this isn’t what we can call proper communication.


A harmonious relationship should unite two persons who complement each other. If one of you stagnates, another one starts feeling awkward and goes away in searches of more appropriate candidates. To sustain the mutual interest, both of you should constantly enrich your inner worlds.

Travel together 

Joint traveling can take your connection to a new level. People, who love discovering new places and taking up new hobbies, tend to be more interesting companions. This also enhances your development. Likewise, such trips help really test your connection out and make sure you two can indeed work as a team.

Make surprises

There is no guarantee your relationship will be free from being absorbed by daily routine. Moreover, no couple can avoid it. The honeymoon phase is pretty short and then there aren’t so many fresh impressions unless you manage to create those on your own. Invent to keep each other in high spirits.

Spend some time apart

Love is not about being together 24/7 because the quality of your communication should be measured by other factors. Spending your workday separately is great as it enables you to miss your significant other for a while and keep your feelings fresh. However, it is healthy to spend some of your free time in different companies too.

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Don’t compare your couple to others

Everyone is unique so comparisons aren’t needed especially when we talk about love. It is natural that each couple has their very own stories, rules, and ways of conflict resolving; what you two must do is to establish the system in which every member will feel comfortable. There will always be someone whose romance is allegedly brighter, take it easy.

Take care of sex

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, sex plays the huge role in your joint life. Hitting the right spot in one and only position is not obviously enough – you and your lover should become constant learners. Collect interesting things and discuss those and make your fantasies come true.

Appreciate each other

This is a significant component that holds any relationship together. Any of us wants to receive support and compassion from his/her dearest people. Don’t be stingy in your praise since a “healthy” couple is distinguished by partners’ caring attitude to each other.

Build the trust

We have finally come to another necessary ingredient of a perfect relationship (surely, anyone has his/her own conception of what a perfect romance is). Trust is what makes your connection last for many years. Respect yourself and your partner and be honest about what you feel, what you want from life and this relationship, and what you are ready to give.

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