questions you should never ask

When thinking of questions you should never ask a guy what comes to mind?

Realistically, there is a ton of information on the right questions to ask a guy, but how about questions not to ask?

I’m going to do one better, and give you not only questions to NOT ask but them specific explanation behind why you shouldn’t ask them.

Words are an important thing, more important than a lot of people think. There are things that you should say to a guy, but there are a few things that definitely shouldn’t be said!

As you and a guy reach new relationship milestones and statuses it can be easy to get comfortable with someone. There are still some boundaries in what you can and can’t ask your man if you want to avoid as many problems as possible.

Whether it be a simple crush or your ultimate soulmate, I’ve put together a few important things you should avoid asking your man. No matter where you’re at in the stages of a relationship with a guy, think twice before you speak!

Questions You Should Never Ask Your Crush

Questions You Should Never Ask Your Crush

1. Where could you see us in five years?

Asking this is coming on WAY too strong! You don’t want your crush to feel trapped at all. This will only scare him off. This kind of question should be saved for him once you both agree that there is a future together. It’s okay to be quirky and try and spur a conversation, but try more neutral topics …. like his dog!

2. Where were you today?

This seems desperate and a little creepy. Of course your crush is on your mind all the time, but you don’t have to let him know that! One of the things that keeps a guy curious in the beginning of a relationship with a girl is wondering if she is as interested as him.

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3. Would you like me more if ….?

Just like girls love a brave and confident boy, the same goes for the guys! Confidence is key in relationships. Most arguments and issues in a relationship arise from someone becoming insecure. This question sounds like you are insecure about yourself, and can doom any chance you have with your cute crush!

4. Do you think that girl is hot?

Again, This kind of question just screams insecurity! The other issue with this is that by comparing yourself to another girl you draw attention away from yourself and onto other people. Try this. Ask him if he likes your new haircut or shirt. Try and get responses to questions about you and pay attention to those, because that’s what really matters.

5. So what’s up?

This question is just plain boring. I know that a guy needs to like you for who you are, but when a guy is getting some early impressions of you then these kinds of questions will not spark his interest. Ask engaging questions that are easy to answer and get the two of you actually talking. Avoid these vague and aimless questions. The more interested you seem shows him you actually care about what he’s saying.

6. Why does … always happen to me?

Guys tend to dislike a negative nancy. Nobody wants to get into a relationship with someone who complains about everything. This may make him think that you will be complaining about things in your relationship. Focus the conversations you have with him on something a little more positive, and odds are he will be a lot happier to be around you!

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7. Why don’t we do this ….?

Like I said, a guy likes to know that he will maintain his freedom in a relationship. He wants to be able to do what he wants, so making up his mind for him will only make him feel trapped. You should be able to say what you want, but let him have his own opinion. Especially before you two are in a committed relationship too!

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