easy braided hairstyles

Most times, the finest braided hairstyles are not the complex ones, but the ones that look very simple that anyone can achieve. Easy braided hairstyles does not require a professional stylist or training, just a bit of practice and you will get that beautiful looking braids.

In this post we are sharing 6 easy braided hairstyles anyone can achieve with a little practice.

6 easy braided hairstyles you can achieve by yourself

1. Double Buns

braided hairstyles

This style will fit you perfectly if you art sporty or  if you into athletics. The buns and the braids keep your locks tight and secure all day long no matter what you’re doing or how much movement you are making.

2. Low bun

braided hairstyles

This is a perfect twist on a classic low bun that makes the style a bit more elegant. Instead of looking like you rolled out of bed late and opted for an easy bun, you’ll look much more formal and presentable. You can wear this twisted braided bun anywhere from work on weekends to a cocktail party.

3. Long braid pull

Long-haired beauties can easily pull off this long braided style. This style is more for style than practicality or security because it leaves most of your hair loose and free. However, it is extremely beautiful and leaves you with an intricate, waterfall braid that looks gorgeously carefree.

4. This half-up, half-down

braided hairstyles

This half-up, half-down braided style is actually extremely simple. It’s perfect for mornings when you want your hair to look presentable but don’t have much time to spend styling it. All you have to do to achieve this style is french braid a small top section of your hair. Then, twist the ends into a messy updo and you’re done!

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5. Fairy Princess

braided hairstyles

Do you dream of being a fairy princess? If so, then this is the braided hairstyle for you. It is a classic braided wreath bun that works well for formal events. To add an extra bit of magic to the style, just secure some small flowers into the bun with bobby pins.

6. Mermaid braids

Mermaid braids require a bit of extra work since they involve curling your hair. However, they are great for adding volume to your hair and securing it in a beautiful, pulled-back style.

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