Odunlade Adekola

Odunlade Adekola is one of the most sought after actors in the movie business right now.

And in a generation where Actors become celebrities on social media even before they have had their first acting role, Odunlade still manages to to be popular for his craft both on and off social media.

And because everyone is fighting for an Oscar these days, we have decided to fight for one for Odunlade too.

Here are 7 reasons why he deserves it ASAP.

He is an outstanding performer – I do not remember what the industry was like before Odunlade came along and I honestly do not want to remember. With the ability to give his hundred percent while playing any role whatsoever, this Actor is undeniably one of the best performers in the business right now.

And since the Academy has listed outstanding performances as one of the criteria for handing out an Oscar, we ask, where Odunlade’s Oscar at?

He is a leading man back to back – Odunlade Adekola is probably the only Yoruba actor at the moment who every single Critic would agree has the strength to be the leading man in any movie he stars in. Note that not every major actor can be a good leading man. But Odunlade does not just possess the quality, he has the ability to hold his audience spellbound from the beginning to the end of a feature and, does that effortlessly in every single movie he is a part of.

Odunlade ti take over.

He can literally be anything – Most Actors/Actresses would tell you the best part of their job is playing someone different. But let’s be honest, most of the Actors and Actresses in Nollywood play the same person in all the different roles they sign up for through their entire career.

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But here is a man who can be a dreaded criminal in Mufutau Oloosa Oko and still convince us as a loving husband in his next movie.

Okay, let’s face it, he deserves more than an Oscar, he deserves his own road, his own biopic, in fact he deserves his own Industry.

Critics adore this guy – Many film Critics in the past have credited Odunlade for his performances in different movies. And we know, that once Critics say you’re their guy in different ways, then getting a prestigious award is within reach.

What is a Leonardo DiCaprio when there is a Odunlade? – Maybe this point came as a result of my refusal to be immersed in the world famous charm of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the greatest Actors alive at the moment but come on, Odunlade can give a performance as riveting as Leonardo can give.

You don’t believe? Okay, cast them in the same movie and see whose performance you like better.

Can someone get us a Director and a Producer for an Odunlade and Leonardo collab? Anybody?

An Oscar would look good on him – not because Oscar is a cloth and he would wear it, but because that gold statue was made with Odunlade in mind. They both look so similar, the Oscar might have been sculpted with Odunlade as the model.

Okay, jokes aside, do you not think of Odunlade when you see the Oscar? No, don’t fight it. Close your eyes, shut it tightly, do you see it now?

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Told ya.

His Oscar acceptance speech would be one in a million – That Lupita speech some of you turned into lyrics and wallpaper on your phones would pale in comparison to Odunlade’s. With is deep baritone voice and that resonating laughter, his speech would go down in history as one of the best ever.

And if Oscar does not give Odunlade his very much deserved award, we might just pull an Olamide on them…


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