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Choosing an effective career path is something one should take very seriously and probably be decided early enough as it tends to affect one later in life. The importance of starting early is that you tend to be ahead of your peers or better still, become a professional faster than those that started late.

Also note that it also depends on ones ability to be able to pick-up learning faster and how determined on it.

In this post, I will share  7 ways to choosing an effective career that will set you on the right path of life.

Ways to Choosing an Effective Career Path


Start early

Start way back from secondary school. Between choices of arts, sciences or commercials, choose subjects you are comfortable with, not those you can cope with. Do those you love not just those you like. An effective combination of them could shed light and reveal what you are to do in career and other walks of life.

Find what out you love and would love doing

Get to know yourself. Ask yourself questions about what you would love to do. Find out whether you have to go to school to accomplish them or they are just by the side. A journalist need not be  a student of Mass Communications nor a comedian a student of Theatre Arts , some things come naturally. What do people say about you? “You can sing”, “You would do well as a comedian” “I loved your speech” They all could be an effective pointer to what you could or should do.

Focus on your advantages over others

Look at things you do quite easily that others cannot do with ease. Those things that that you do effortlessly,  naturally flow out of you and attract a lot of commendation from others. Your natural gifting, talents could form a good foundation for your choosing a career.

Examine your environment

Find out what is suitable and what pertains to your present sociocultural, economic and political environment. Aspiring to be a swimming pool engineer in a desert encroached environment is not suitable neither is desiring to be an archaeologist in Nigeria. Apologies please. Some disciplines are just more suitable in some countries and choice locations of the world. Neurosurgery, aeronautic engineering etc would do well in technology driven nations not lesser developing ones. Your career should be a response to your environment. If your career is not feasible in one location, it could however be feasible in another.

Make research

Just like you would do before making an investment and when choosing a wife or business partner, you need to research and find out about the career you want to venture into. Ask questions from those pursuing it as an academic level or those practicing it as professionals. Find out whether it really fits into what you want to do or you can really cope with it or not. It is better to test the water before jumping into the pool and take a spoonful before digging deep into the whole dish.


Try it out. Also try out other things. You want to be a lawyer? Fine. Try joining the debating society. Visit a court and see whether you can replicate those same approaches to defend your kid brother when he has just taken more than one piece of meat from the pot of stew. Get involved in other things. Remember it is a career choice and therefore there should be career options. Try other things, consider other alternatives. Find out which is most realistic and suitable.

Know where you are going

Rome was not built in a day they say. It is better to make progress whilst also working to get what one wants than to be stagnant. Your  career objectives could make you to do somethings that are not what you originally intend but are foundations to where you are going in the long run, a kind of stepping stone. A candidate with his eyes on the presidential ticket might start at first being a councilor before climbing the ladder to get to where he ultimately wants to be. You can start small but just know what you want, where you are going and what you are doing.
Finally, there are a lot of career test and quizzes out there. Look for a good one you can try to help guide you.

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