10 Most Profitable Courses In Nigeria

An individual course of study plays significant role in his income/salary, employment status and happiness after graduation from the university. With the right choice of courses in Nigeria you might save yourself from frustration after graduation/NYSC.
I hear people say your course of study does not matter so long you give it your best. not true sir/ma. It matters are lot, all course are not equal in terms of pay, marketability and peace of mind. So with the right information you can decides which to go for given your passion and interest.

This article is not only based on who earn more than others but on who has potential to earn decent income with his degree. And also the demand of the course of study in relation to the supply of same.

Below is the top ten profitable course in Nigeria.


As far as Nigeria is concerned, medicine is the most profitable course of study. The truth is medicine is not the highest paid job (course) in Nigeria and beyond, but it is the course that guarantees you job the most after graduation. I have never come across a jobless medical doctor, maybe you have seen but surely I have not seen.
Like I said earlier, their pay at entry level is not as high compared those chemical engineers in shell and other industries, but you are guaranteed of better-than-average income as a doctor. It is of importance to state that medicine is the most competitive and expensive course in Nigeria to study in Nigeria universities. Hence the course is often the first choice of the elites children in the society.

Chemical/Petroleum Engineering

Nigeria is blessed with vast array of oil deposit as such, oil becomes her largest exporting product. Chemical/Petroleum Engineering is the highest paid job in Nigeria currently as majority of the companies that ask for their service are those that pay heavily – the oil companies. The course offers heavy pay with good allowances and house allowance, car allowance and many others.

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Estate Management/Architecture/ Civil Engineering

A degree in any of these courses places you in a good position for self-employment. A diligent and creative student is sure to be making enormous money even while still in school from his profession and the students make money drawing plans for people and involving in small building project while still in school.
The course is also one of the most well paid course in Nigeria. The course is not that competitive to study as most polytechnics offer the course also. Hence, this course is considered the third most marketable courses in Nigeria.

Computer Science/Computer Engineering/IT courses

IT professionals are in hot demand all over the world. The course not only does it have high employability opportunity but has huge potentials of making you self employed. The IT guys rule the world of the internet today which is the fastest growing business sector all over the world . With special IT skills, your chance is even brighter to gain employment anywhere in the country. The good news is that anybody can learn IT skills, even if he doesn’t study computer science or engineering. You can learn web building and development with or without any prior IT skills.


Geology is not a popular course among Nigerians, but sure is among the most sort after by the oil companies. With the liberalization of the oil industry, many oil companies will surely emerge increasing their demand. As such the course places you in good position to penetrate the much-sought-after oil industry with fat pay.Bottom of Form The course is fifth on our ranking

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The good thing about Economics is that it fits into many roles. With degree in economics you can work almost every industry. The most common question asked, and Where can economist work? Accounting is also a hot cake course today, although accounting degree alone without professional qualifications is not usually so helpful, but with professional certificate like ICAN, ACCA, etc, is a sure bet for a good job.
Although, without professional qualifications, you can still get a decent job with Accounting degree only in the many small to medium scale firms that require the services of accounting graduates. Finance like economics is another great course on high demand. The three courses, sometimes alongside Management and Business Administration, are usually in hot demand.
However, the supply still exceed demand and many graduates of these courses are still jobless. The course is also very competitive among the average Nigerians at large.

Nursing/Laboratory Science

Nurses don’t earn mouth-watering pay in Nigeria but surely earn more than medicine in most advance countries, but they are hardly jobless. I see Nurses change like clothes. Hospitals and clinics – private and public – are springing up every day, and a medium size clinic needs at least 4 Nurses. Some may have as much as 20. Same goes with Lab scientists, although in lower demand.
Hence, Nurse is very marketable and can easily be gotten from various training centers before they join the nursing association.

Mechanical, Electrical and other Engineering courses

It should be noted that every engineering course has high degree of self employment. With degree in Elect-elect, you cal always help people with their electronics issues thereby earning money before any paid employment.
Engineering courses generally sell in the oil and gas industry. In addition these courses are also asked for in other major industries. The course is not that competitive in gaining admission to Nigeria universities as most people are scared way by the physics and mathematics in the course.

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Law degree is among the most competitive course to gain admission to any Nigeria university. It is also one of the most sort after by the elites children in the country. However, the supply is fast outstripping demand and is affecting pricing and Law has declined in economic value.
However, it remains a top 10 course. Whether you decide to practice or go into corporate world, or you decide to go into allied things like real estate agency, you still stand a decent chance of earning decent income with a Law degree.

Mass Communication/Journalism/Marketing

Mass Communication is the least in our top 10 course, but the course still remain a marketable course because not many universities offer the course and the output is needed by many institutions. The pay most mass communication graduate is very competitive compared to other discipline. Marketing is also a great course with high demand for graduates. Most marketing student pick up sales job from different institution of the country.
However, it should be noted that other course not listed here does not mean the course is bad or not profitable but research considering many criteria including demand for professional certificate we come up with this analysis. If you think otherwise about this finding you can drop your comment below with your reasons. Kindly share the article for others to benefit.

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