How To Borrow Airtime From MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel

Assuming you have no credit on your line or data to access the internet and you are stuck at a place where you can’t find a recharge dealer, what would you do?

The telecommunications providers in the country have plans that can allow your borrow airtime for your emergencies.

If you have zero balance, below is how to borrow airtime from MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel easily using USSD code.


Code to borrow credit from MTN

To easily borrow airtime with your MTN line, follow the procedures below:

On your smartphone, dial this code *606#
This code will indicate whether you are eligible in borrowing airtime.
If you’re eligible, the following instructions is what you will see with the corresponding serial numbers displayed on your device.

  1. Eligibility Status
  2. Xtra Time Balance
  3. Next

Just select the number that suits your need. Obey the instructions and your phone will be credited with the airtime you selected.
Note that MTN charges 15% of the total value of the airtime collected upon your next recharge.


Code to borrow credit from 9Mobile

If you dial the code *665#, the following options will be displayed on your smartphone for you to select:

  1. Get the highest amount you can borrow
  2. Choose Loan Amount
  3. Check Eligibility
  4. Check Loan Balance
  5. Deactivate Loan
  6. Activate Loan

All the options have their own functions but since it’s to recharge your phone, choose the one that suit your needs, follow the corresponding instructions and you will be credited with the airtime on your 9moblie SIM.

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Code to borrow airtime from Glo

Step 1: Dial *321# on your mobile phones, then create a 4 digit pin of your choice. For example, 2341.
Step 2: Dail *321*pin*amount to borrow the airtime. e.g: *321*0911*500#.
You will be credited shortly with the amount you requested in no time.

Code to borrow airtime from Airtel

Using an Airtel SIM, you can easily borrow credit by dialing the USSD code *500*amount# on your mobile device. The only pitfall here is that you can only borrow up to N500.
Most people have complained that borrowing airtime is a way by which these network providers extort money from Nigerians but one cannot deny the fact that these innovation has saved a lot if people time and have been used in emergency cases.

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