It can be really annoying knowing you have data but have to chill till a particular time of the day before being able to surf web. This Brings us to MTN data plan of 4.5gig(1.5 day and 3gig night)

The day starts reading from 6am – 8.59pm and it automatically switches to night plan(9pm – 5;59am) daily.

I was actually opportune to ask some random individuals and colleagues who are MTN subscribers about their data plans and usage, quite funny because I practically heard same story from different people, which brings us to solving this “wahala” in my own term.

Now you will be able to use your night plan for the day as well, THOUGH THIS COMES WITH A LIL SACRIFICE

Simply follow these steps and trust me, you would be singing a different tune after testing it.


How To Keep Browsing With Your MTN SIM After Exhausting Your Day Data Bundle

Step 1: Load your MTN 2500 and dial 102 to 131 to get your 4.5gig

Step 2: Set ur alarm or do whatever you have to inorder to be awake few minutes before 6am

Step 3: Browse until 6:01 0r 6:02, Just make sure you browse beyond 6:00am and you are good to go.

‘Clears throat’ Thats all…

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