Kemi Adeosun

Former finance minister, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, has reportedly left Nigeria hours after her resignation letter was accepted by President Muhammadu Buhari. Adeosun who has been Nigeria’s finance minister since November 2015, stepped down from office on Friday, September 14. According to Premium Times, her associates disclosed the latest development on Saturday, September 15.

Kemi Adeosun reportedly departs Nigeria

She has left Nigeria,” a source said. “She most likely is in the UK by now.

Also, following her resignation as Nigeria’s finance minister Adeosun, who was accused of forging her National Youths Service Corp ( NYSC) exemption letter, risks 14 year jail term over the incident according to Shuaibu Sule, a lawyer, the news outlet reported.

The lawyer listed five offences he said the minister is liable for. According to him, the offences are:

  • Forgery
  • Possession of fake document
  • Altering
  • Giving false information
  • Skipping the national service.

Quoting the Penal Code Law and the National Youth Service (NYSC) Act, the lawyer said these offences carry jail terms of between one to 14 years.

According to the news outlet, the lawyer also said Mrs Adeosun could be charged for offences under Section 140 of the Penal Code, which borders on giving false information and attracts up to one year prison term and/or fine. Going further, he submitted that the penal code which operates in the northern part of the country, including Abuja would apply to Adeosun as the offence was committed in Abuja.

He argued further that sections 364 and 368 of the same law provides for up to 14 years in jail for faking a document and being in possessing of fake documents.

He however added that there is provision for fine that could go either as complement of substitution for jail term.

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The lawyer was also reported to have claimed that Adeosun is also liable for uttering – presenting fake document as genuine. He said on conviction, this could attract maximum jail term of 14 years, as provided for in Section 366 of the law.

He said eligible Nigerians who skipped the service are liable to be sentenced to 12 months imprisonment and/or N2,000 fine, according to the section 13 of the NYSC law.

The report added that:

Section 13 (3) of the law also prescribes 3-year jail term or option of N5,000 fine for anyone who contravenes provision of the law, as Mrs Adeosun is alleged to have.
“Subsection 4 of the same section also criminalizes giving false information or illegally obtaining the service’s certificate. It provides for up to three year jail term for such offenders.

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