How to Pay PHCN/NEPA Bills Online

Gone are the days when you had to get down to the PHCN office to make payment for your electricity bill; these days, you can make the payment right online and in the comfort of your home.

If you are the busy type and you do not have time to visit the PHCN office to make payment due to the nature of your job, all you need to do is make the payment online. It is fast and easy and save you stress and ensure you can spend your precious time on some other things instead of wasting your time queuing at PHCN office to make payment.

The payment process involves very simple steps and these steps will be made known below.
To make the online payment very easy, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) has gone into partnership with a number of financial institutions in Nigeria as well as card processors and subscribers can easily make payment for power bill online.

This online payment however applies only to those who have meters in their homes. What do you need to make the payment?

They are highlighted below:

  • Your ATM card, which can be Visa, MasterCard or Verve.
  • PHCN customer account number or your meter number. You can get the PHCN customer number by visiting the nearest PHCN office to you. Request for the personal account number for your home at the PHCN office. The number is also written on the top left corner of your PHCN bill; it is written directly above your name.
  • Computer or Smartphone that is internet-enabled.
  • Your phone number.
  • Your valid email address.
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Here’s how to pay PHCN/NEPA bills online

Once you have all the items listed above available, the next thing to do is to follow the steps highlighted below to make the payment.

Visit You can visit the site on either your computer or your mobile device, provided either is connected to the internet.

When on the site, provide the 12 digit unique PHCN customer account number you were given at PHCN office. Do not forget that the number can also be obtained on the PHCN bill with which you normally make your payment. As hinted earlier, the number is located on your name on the bill.

Provide your valid email address. Make sure it is your primary email address to ensure you can see the email sent to you by PHCN without delay.

  • Provide your phone number in the space provided.
  • Enter the particular amount of money you want to pay in the space provided.

Afterwards, click on the Continue tab.

Afterwards, you will be directed to the WebPay page where you can now provide your ATM card details in the spaces provided. After providing your car details, provide your authenticating token sent to you by the bank you use for payment.

After that, click on Proceed to pay and you are done.
After payment, you will be notified by PHCN about the payment you have made and the notifications usually sent to your email address.

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