how to play nairabet

Nairabet is currently one of the leading online sports betting sites in Nigeria and knowing how to play Nairabet is key. How do you register, play and win? Here is all you need to know. Up until recently most, if not all Nigerians were accustomed to placing bets at the nearest nairabet shop. But in the last few years websites that made sports betting easier have been developed, even though more developed parts of the world have been engaging in online betting for over two decades now. Online betting just came to Nigeria few years ago and we have had to try catching up for a while now.


One of the foremost and most notable of these online betting platforms in Nigeria is nairabet, for almost ten years nairabet; a sport betting company in Nigeria founded by Akin Alabi has revolutionised the world of online sports betting in Nigeria. Now placing bets can be made comfortably online using internet activated devices, the patronage of the nairabet online sports betting platform has grown immensely over the years since the organization added the online betting feature.


Its not just about playing Nairabet, its also about winning. So how do you win! Take note of these rules.

Moving on to the rules that govern the nairabet online betting space, there are a lot of rules most of which concern the users to conduct themselves honourably throughout their dealings on the platform. Of all the rules, none remains quite as important as the fact that whoever is creating the a nairabet online account must have attained or be above the age of 18 ( 18 and above ). One would easily understand that the reasoning behind this rule is to keep out minds not properly mature for the “chancy” nature of betting online, while also protecting them from situations like loss of money which is a very clear and present danger risk of online betting. Apart from this one rule, most others are basic and familiar regulations.


How To Play Nairabet

Creating a nairabet online account is easy and it does not take so much of your time, it can take as little as just twenty minutes of your time. I will be giving a step by step procedure to open a nairabet account with little or no hassle.

  1. The first step is to open the browser of your internet connected device ( whether it is a smartphone , palmtop , laptop or any other smart device ).
  2. When your browser is open, the next step is to input the url ( uniform resource locator – a unique identification address every web page possesses ) of nairabet in the address bar of your browser , the URL of the nairabet online sports betting platform is .
  3. The third step after inputing the website address ( url ) in your browser and after waiting for the webpage to load is to click on register which is displayed on the top right corner of the nairabet website homepage , whether you are in the desktop or mobile version of your device’s browser.
  4. After clicking register on the screen of your device you will be moved to the nairabet sign up page and you will be required to input your details.
    Input the details required which are ; your username , password , country of origin , currency , your mobile number and email.
  5. After inputing the compulsory details , you will be required to accept the general terms and conditions , privacy policy and more.Once you have completed the above steps you can then click on proceed to finalize the creation of your account. It is advisable for you to click on login and put in the details you earlier used during the nairabet account registration , you should also check your email for the nairabet account registration as you might be sent a verification link to confirm you are the owner of the email used.
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Terms and conditions are short notes on what the company demands or requires from whoever is registering / signing up with an organization. Nairabet demands you fulfill some particular terms and conditions before you can gain full access to the account you are creating. I will be listing the terms and conditions you must accept before creating your nairabet account;
Whoever is using or wants to use the registration link on the nairabet website must have attained the legal age of 18 years , anyone who is not up to the legal age of 18 years will be restricted or unable to access his / her nairabet account.
Nairabet requires that users alert them if they sense that their account is being operated by a third party or the security of the account is being compromised.
If by any means Nairabet adjusts / make changes to the terms and conditions or privacy policy of their operation , they will make sure they inform the users.

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