richest Fuji musicians

Nigerian is the house of the best and richest fuji musicians in the world. Fuji music is one of the most dominant ethnic music in Nigeria today. It began as a modification to a certain type of original music that was rendered solely to wake Muslims up during the Ramadan fast in Nigeria.

That original music was known as Ajisari or Were music. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Fuji music is popular among Nigerian Yoruba Muslims because of the nuance of the Yoruba language as a currency of expression, the use of Yoruba musical instruments and the integration of Quranic references and allusions in the lyrics. Fuji music has often being described as Jùjú music starved of guitars.

Top richest Fuji musicians In Nigeria

1. Pasuma Wonder

richest Fuji musicians In Nigeria

Born Wasiu Alabi Pasuma in November 27, 1967 in mushin (a suburb of lagos state, Nigeria ). Wasiu Alabi Pasuma even though born in mushin, lagos state he was bred and raised is Kwara state, western Nigeria. Pasuma Wonder started his career as a fuji musician way back in the early 90’s, Pasuma released his breakout (debut) album in 1993 and it was titled “recognition”. Popular Wasiu Alabi Pasuma has also had a career as a film actor/ artist.
He has risen over the years in both fame and wealth, he is no doubt one of the most popular around with a lot of awards in his portfolio (most notable is the Nigerian entertainment awards where he beat the likes of olamide, phyno and flavor to win the award for the best indigenous artist). Pasuma wonder is a renowned fuji artist who has made a big name for himself in the Nigerian music industry, Pasuma is considered one of the wealthiest fuji musicians with an estimated net worth of over 500 million naira. His music is very popular on the streets of Nigeria (mostly the south west) and he is no doubt a top name in the fuji music industry.

2.  Obesere

richest Fuji musicians In Nigeria

Abass Akande Obesere is no doubt one of the most popular and influential fuji artistes in Nigeria, Obesere is known for his radical and far reaching songs. Abass Akande Obesere who is also known by the nick name Omo Rapala was born on the 28 of January, 1965 (53years) is an indigene of Ibadan, oyo state (south western Nigeria).
Abass Akande Obesere came into the music scene with radical or vulgar songs that highlighted various pressing matters which were considered abomination or taboo in the old fashioned Yoruba society. Obesere who was initially signed to popular international artiste management company and record label Sony music and was rumored to have left on payment dispute basis. Obesere has many albums to his name some of which are effisy, mr teacher, asakasa, obik and many others. He is worth a lot of multi millions which he amassed from music and business.

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3. Taiye Currency

richest Fuji musicians In Nigeria

Oyo state indigene Taiye Akande Adebisi who works with the stage name Taiye Currency is a popular fuji artist who has worked with various prominent musicians like KWAM 1 and Pasuma. Taiye Akande Adebisi who lost his back up singer and brother some years ago now performs on stage alone, Taiye currency is based in his hometown Oyo state but is said to be trying to expand his influence and musical career to other states in the country.
Taiye Akande Adebisi had the housewarming party of his eye catching and state of the art mansion in Oluyole estate, Ibadan. The mansion whose house warming party was graced by fellow fuji artists like Pasuma wonder, KWAM 1 amongst others is said to be worth a lot of millions. Taiye currency is no doubt one of the richest musicians in the fuji music industry.

4. KWAM 1

richest Fuji musicians In Nigeria

Born Oluwasukanmi Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, KWAM 1 who is also known as K1 De Ultimate is a fuji musician, singer, performer, businessman, philanthropist and more. Sixty-one year old King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall started his career as a fuji musician or performer as far back as the late 70’s and is still very active in the fuji music scene.
K1 de ultimate has garnered so many awards over his active years as a fuji artist (one of which is the headies award he won in 2013), he was crowned as the King of fuji (oluaaye of fuji music) in 1993 by the National Television Authority, Ibadan and he was also crowned as the oluomo of lagos ( golden child of lagos) in 1999 by King Adeyinka Oyekan of lagos amongst other conferments, titles and achievements. He owns many houses and nice cars both in Nigeria and internationally (one of which is his famous multi million naira mansion in his hometown in ijebu-ode) and is said to be worth over 700 million naira.

5. Muri Thunder

Born Muritala Ademola Salaudeen, he rose up to fame in the fuji music industry with his stage name Muri thunder, Muritala Ademola Salaudeen came from a poor background and emerged from the streets in the prime of his fuji music career. Muri Thunder serves as a big inspiration for young men and women struggling on the streets, the life of Muritala Ademola Salaudeen shows that anyone can make it from a poor background.
Muri thunder is not only popular in Nigeria but has also gained international recognition through awards. He refused to study and focused on his music career, that decision definitely paid off even though his parents frowned at it. Muri thunder is wealthy and has various properties, he also provides his family with a comfortable lifestyle.

6. Shefiu Alao 

Shefiu Alao

Known widely by his fans with an alias Omo Oko, Alhaji Shefiu Alao is a fuji musician and performer. Born in the 60’s to the Alao family in Abeokuta the capital city of ogun state (south western Nigeria). Shefiu Alao a.k.a Omo Oko started his fuji music career in the early 80’s while he was still undergoing his education.
Omo oko is happily married with two children, he comes from a humble background with his father a bicycle repairer and his mother a food seller who sold majorly akara (bean cake). Shefiu Alao who has gotten many awards and has been conferred some chieftancy titles (some of which include a chieftaincy title in idimu lagos and also one in his hometown Abeokuta). Chief Shefiu Alao has over 20 albums to his name and has made a lot of money from his active years in the fuji music scene. From a poor background to being regarded as very wealthy, shefiu alao is worth a lot of millions is property and assets.

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7. Remi Aluko 

Remi Aluko

Famous fuji artist, Aderemi Aluko fondly referred to as the Igwe of fuji or Igwe 1 is a fuji music act and a performer. Aderemi Aluko is popularly known for his quite interesting slangs and fast music rhythm that draws the attention of young people and children to his music.
Aderemi Aluko who is popularly known as Ajela has always loved music and started at a very early age while undergoing his basic education when he and his friends will make music by beating chairs/tables and singing to the rhythm produced. He was rumored to have been involved in a fight some years ago which led to his blindness, but from an interview he had some years ago Aderemi debunked the rumor and said he had an infection called glaucoma which he had treated already in india. Ajela lives a lifestyle he can afford and is very well financially comfortable with houses and other assets to his name.

8. Saheed Osupa

Saheed Osupa

Saheed Osupa is a prominent Nigerian film actor and musician who was born in the late 60’s in Ibadan, oyo state. Osupa studied business administration in the polytechnic Ibadan and completed his national diploma in 1992.
Saheed osupa who emerged from a family of musicians with his father Moshood Ajiwere Layeye a musician and an elder cousin popular fuji artist Ayinde barrister (late). Saheed osupa began a professional music career as a young man in the early 80’s, he released his debut studio album far back titled Fuji fa disco. He has also appeared in over 20 nollywood Yoruba movies.
Saheed Osupa who was crowned as the king of music by late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister has risen to fame over the years and lives a rich lifestyle with beautiful houses, cars and many more, Saheed was listed as one of the most successful Nigerian musicians by the NET (a prominent Nigerian entertainment newspaper).

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9. KS1 Malaika

KS1 Malaika

Popularly known by his stage name KS1 malaika, born Sulaimon Alao Adewale is a Nigeria fuji musician who started performing music in his school days at an early age in agege where he grew up. A singer, songwriter and performer, one can describe Sulaimon Alao Adekunle as an all rounder when it comes to fuji music.
KS1 who has been actively engaged in the fuji music industry since the early 80’s till now was born on the 15th day of February in 1973, started of with his band tekoye fuji organization and has progressed far over the years to being known for his love for Islamic gospel music and he has featured in the works of Islamic gospel music artists. Sulaimon Alao Adekunle alias KS1 is known to be a rich person and lives a moderately flamboyant lifestyle, he justs recently completed his house in Ajah, Lagos state said to be worth a lot of millions.


10. Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba

Born Adewale Ayuba but commonly known as Mr Johnson, Adewale Ayuba is a modern fuji musician, performer and businessman. Adewale Ayuba was born on the 6th day of may in the mid 60’s, he started his career as far back as 1983 and is still actively involved in the fuji music scene till date. Mr Johnson as he is popularly known is an indigene of ikenne remo, in ogun state (south western nigeria). Adewale Ayuba released his first album at a very young age of 17, he titled it IBERE (meaning the beginning in yoruba language) and has subsequently released many other albums.
He gained international recognition after he released an album titled bubble in 1991 while signed to the Nigerian chapter of international record label sony music. Adewale Ayuba has gotten so many awards and nominations during his music career, he lives a tasteful lifestyle that matches his hardwork and determination to succeed. He is worth several multi millions with cars and houses in various states of the country.

That’s is our list of the richest fuji musicians in Nigeria. Is there anyone who should be on this list that is not here, Please share on the comment section below.

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