things you should not forget

Traveling for the holidays can be overwhelming, expensive and stressful, Sometimes, this can make you forget some crucial items needed for a the vacation. Leave the anxiety at home with our list of five things you should not forget before going on that trip!

5 things you should not forget when going on a trip

things you should not forget

1. Check Visa & Vaccination Requirements

Every country has different tourist visa and vaccination requirements, so make sure you abide by the guidelines and meet requirements well in advance.

2. Make Copies Of Important Documents

Keep a folder of your travel documents on you at all times while traveling, and email them to yourself before your trip for added precaution.

3. Have A Well Packed Carry-On

In addition to your travel documents, you’ll want to have some basic essentials within arm’s reach like hand sanitizer, power converter, reusable water bottle, etc.

4. Book Accommodation

To avoid getting stuck with the leftover and low-grade rooms, book at least a month in advance. Events like Christmas can be a nightmare if you don’t already have accommodation booked.

5. Get Travel Insurance

It can cover the cost of lost or stolen personal items, trip cancellations, and even medical emergencies – which is beneficial in the event of an unplanned disruption of your trip.

Need to travel and don’t know where to go or don’t want the visa stress, here’s our list of visa free countries for the Nigerian passport holders

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