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Agbada (or an Agbada), refers to a large, often overflowing gown worn by men in Nigeria and some West African countries.

The large overflowing gown is sewn in such a manner that (constant) effort is required to keep it steady on the shoulders of the wearer.

Usually worn by men, it is normally sewn, designed and embroidered in a three piece manner, complete with a pair of trousers and an inner, more fitting shirt.

It is used (almost) exclusively at formal events and its use is a sign of affluence, prestige or authority.

Why And When Do Men Wear Agbada?

As already indicated, the Agbada traditional attire is worn mostly to formal events and occasions. However, on rare occasions, it is also worn to semi-formal and completely informal events – especially by the elites and the political class.

As to why men wear Agbada, you’ll be pleased to understand that, the reason is not far-fetched from the paragraph immediately above: men wear Agbada largely because of the fact that it makes them feel powerful and influential while at the same time, appearing native and very African.

Talk of killing two birds with a single stone and you wouldn’t be very far from both the truth and reality of the issue on the ground here.

Latest Agbada Designs & Styles for Men

Below is our collection of long Agbada styles. If you’d prefer short ones.


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