Just like any other activity out there, it takes time for results to manifest when you start exercising for whatever reason. But for some, it might take longer and for others, the results might never come.

Rather than quitting, you can start looking into the reasons why exercises are not working for you and this article is meant to help.

I noticed that after performing 50 painful crunches per day, my abs still remained AWOL. I crunched, did some push ups and pull ups and still, I had to squeeze my stomach muscles to boast about my abs.

I had to work on these 4 reasons before I could get any reasonable results from my workouts.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Your Exercises Are Not Working For You

1. Lack of Consistency

If you work out just twice every week, then you shouldn’t be expecting results at all. Although, exercising every day could be counterproductive, but there is something as not exercising enough.

It is recommended you exercise 3 – 5 days for a week and I choose to go with 5 days a week for quality results and rest on weekends.

Also, the length of time of your workout session can also affect how fast you see results.

Depending on the kind of workouts, your session should last between 30 minutes to 1 hour per day.

Consistency is also the key to maintaining results from your workout sessions, if you decided to take a vacation from your workout routine just because you have achieved all you worked hard far, then you will fall back to square one in no time.

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2. Doing the wrong exercises

Every exercise has a function and works different body parts. Cardiovascular exercises burn more calories which leads to rapid weight loss and that is why they are recommended for those trying to lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight and focus on exercises that require less energy and burn fewer calories then you shouldn’t be expecting results anything soon.

Exercises like HIIT, skipping, running, jumping jacks, stairs sprint etc are great fat burners, on the other hand, exercises like planks wouldn’t burn as much but are the best when it comes to toning your muscles.

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3. Using the wrong form

All exercises have their various forms which are meant to make it perform its function. For example, running has its own form which could make it work your whole leg muscles and burn lots of calories just as its supposed to and more complex and demanding exercises like planks has its own form which helps tone your body muscles faster.

Performing your exercises in the wrong form is just the same as not doing them at all and worse, it increases your chances of sustaining injuries while working out.

4. Doing only a few exercises

If your daily workout routine is just made up of stretches and running for a few minutes, then you shouldn’t expect quick results like someone who includes exercises like HIIT, strength training or more aerobic/anaerobic exercises into his workout routine.

The more you workout out, the faster you get results.

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Don’t stick to one or two exercises in your workout routine, because there are so many other great exercises which can get you’re the results you are looking for in a shorter period of time.

So there you have it.

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